Knitted cross-stitched beanie ‘muts’


Knitted crossstitched detailed beanie ‘muts’ in merino.  Handmade with a smile.

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Knitted crossstitched detailed beanie ‘muts’ in merino


  • Handmade
  • Gentle machine wool washable
  • A touch of warmth

Material: yarn: 100% superfine Merino superwash

Yarn: Broadway yarns 8 ply

Stitch: Rib stitch 2×2 and ‘streepsteek’ (alternate 4 needles knit and purl), red detail in cross-stitch

Pattern: based on muts model 19

Handmade with a smile by Sienrise

Size: small / medium / any other size

Colour: colour of your choice (example: bordeaux and petrolblue with a detail of mintgreen)

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