Cindy has an enormous intrinsic motivation. Everything she tackles, she accomplishes in a creative, correct and pleasant way ” 

Marleen Rogiest

lecturer at the Artevelde University College in Ghent (Interpreter VGT), Belgium

Cindy is a very driven, steadfast employee. Someone who can complete the assigned tasks punctually, who takes the initiative. Who can also push through her own insights. The hours, the effort, the willingness. Grateful for such a “white raven” who wants to join your organization .”

Luc Derboven

vice-president of Symbo vzw 
dog-friendly association

Cindy is a fine lady … who, despite setbacks in her life, still keeps her head high, I admire that a lot. Cheerful, positive, enterprising, courageous, loyal, adventurous, energetic, health above. She is loving, caring, straightforward and puts her hand in the fire for people.”

Peer De Maeyer

friend and freelance graphic designer , owner Peer bvba

As an architect, Cindy completed the assignment to design a new club house for the fusion club within the financial possibilities of the club and according to the needs of our ambitious korfball club .” 

Functional and practical, a go-getter. With a lot of patience and dedication, always correct. Excellent file knowledge.

Marc Van Leuven

vice-chairman of Koninklijke Borgerhout / Groen-Wit korfball club, project leader new kantine of the korfball association

 “Cindy immediately took the reins. Partly because of her warm personality and empathy, she managed to lower the mood of the employees and get the most noses in the same direction, with respect for everyone’s individuality. This resulted in a renewed safe and constructive work climate, where everyone adhered to (task) agreements and issues could be discussed. ” 

Marleen De Moudt

process supervisor of organizations in difficulty for the city of Antwerp

As a designer, in the realization of a number of Tennisclub Borgerweert projects, I quickly realized that Cindy is someone who is involved in the story and wants to achieve a good end result. I can imagine that someone who can do all this for the sports club (Cindy worked as a volunteer board member for the tennis club) will be equally passionate or even more active in her daily professional activities, whatever that may be .” 

Ben Mattheus

graphic designer LavitaSports

Cindy is someone who can ‘throw herself’ very hard, intelligent, social, smiling, open and honest, but also sensitive.

She has the power to set things up, to organize, to make people enthusiastic. If she goes for something, she does it with 200%

Inge Janssens

friend and tennis partner

I feel like Cindy is very much looking for her roots, her future, passions, love and so on. As a person I like her, she is pleasant company and easy to talk to. Cindy was a highly motivated and motivated student in the graphic design course. Always on time, with pen and paper and training at the ready. ”  

Talent for design, layout, proportions, etc.

Evi Cornelissens

teacher Syntra Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, course graphic design

Cindy was a great fellow student for a number of reasons: she took the assignments seriously, was thorough and she was a colleague. I find her very reliable (a deal is a deal). As a girlfriend there are other things: she is spontaneous, cheerful and cheerful, honest and authentic, perhaps a little reserved. She thinks about things that matter. In the beginning I experienced her as a rational person, but later on the emotional person was also added.

Barbara Redant

friend and fellow student interpreter en VGT (Flemisch Sign Language) Artevelde University College in Ghent, Belgium

Whether as a girlfriend or as a trainer (korfball at Sint-Gillis-Waas KC), Cindy always does everything with all her heart. And with a lot of energy and drive, she always gives the best of herself so that she also brings out the best in others. Her down to earth outlook on things in life makes her a great person to be around. Because of her many interests and will to get to know people, she sees the people around her as persons and does not judge anyone. By chatting with her you sometimes get new insights and a different view of the things around you. In short, she is a warm person with a big heart.

Natasja Driesen

friend and sports fan