A website

“Who am I?” 
“What do I like?”
”What does my best life look like?” 

In recent years I have begun a quest – or call it a renewed voyage of discovery – with such questions.

On my personal website www.cindyvansteelandt.be you will find my imaginations, my story of change, my creativity.

You will also find a link to my Instagram profile where I show my vision on #thelittlethings and #sienrisereality in photos.

This is my piece of vulnerability “in the open” #acalltocourage.

A journey

Away from how others say how it should, away from my own fears and limiting beliefs, in december 2019 I litteraly left my home country for a worldtrip.  Out of my comfortzone I made a decision to make a change in my life … Seeking and finding ways to shape my life’s purpose.

This happens through trial and error, but I’m going for it!  I struggle, I ask questions, I succeed, I doubt, I sometimes feel secure and self-confident, sometimes I don’t, I experience, discover, get mirrors, learn…  

It is my ‘call to courage’.

“A journey of a thousand mile starts with one single step.”

A chameleon

Some terms that typify me: caretaker, lady-of-everything, merchant, initiator, creative generalist.

I am a friendly person, polite, humble, sweet and (sometimes too) enthusiastic. I have a natural urge for control, a strength and a weakness at the same time. I take great care in developing projects both in my own life and in my work atmosphere (if something fascinates me, so I choose the projects carefully).

I like to do things my way, with care, attention for others, with the best intention. I do things the best way I can do them!

“There is no starting or stopping
there is only doing “